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Our firm has saved over $ 1,500,000 in payroll and individual tax debt 

as well as the abatement of penalties and interest since 1988.

Call us now at 215.550.3636 to resolve any of the following issues:

- Any unpaid tax resolution

- IRS levies and liens

- IRS agent visits 

- IRS audits

- IRS Offer in Compromise

- Refunds of federal payroll taxes

- Refunds of individual tax liabilities for three years

- C Corporation tax loss refunds

- Abatement of federal tax penalties and interest

- Refunds of federal payroll tax penalties and interest

- Non compliance with federal payroll tax returns

- Non compliance with federal corporate tax returns

- Non compliance with federal individual tax returns

- No money to pay your federal payroll tax retuns

- IRS lien releases

- IRS levy releases